SOLO Flow 1 is geared around refinement of foundational yoga postures and transitions.  This class will move at a slower pace allowing time for exploration and the chance to “get a feel for the flow”.  Expect opportunities to build strength (you choose how much or how little) while also stretching to support balance within your entire body.
Experience Level | Beginner Friendly, All Levels
SOLO Flow 2 is built around challenging your entire body through intermediate to advanced movements that will strengthen you from the inside out.  There will be a strong emphasis on form and funtional movement in addition to basic breath work.
Experience Level | All levels, Intermediate

Yoga Sculpt is an energetic practice that combines strength training, endurance and yoga to create a full mind and body workout!! Expect a combination between a high energy HIIT workout balanced out by the intentional aspects that yoga offers to create more mind body awareness. Modification will be offered throughout so the practice will still meet you where you’re at!  Some yoga experience is recommended.

Experience Level | Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Experience Level | All levels welcome


All levels FLOW is a combo between flow 1 and flow 2 varying between breakdown of specific movement and fluid movement!

Experience Level | All Levels