Lindsey Briggs

Yoga Instructor
Brief info

Lindsey found yoga through her career as a dancer and choreographer. When she was 20 years old and living in California while going to college, she used yoga to balance her rigorous dance rehearsal schedule. After practicing yoga regularly for 2 years, she noticed it didn't only have amazing injury prevention abilities and benefits to her body, but these benefits also helped calm her mind and helped her mentality as she performed live on stage as well. Eventually, she made her way back to MN and felt it was time to deepen her knowledge of yoga. She decided to go through a program with Devanadi Yoga in 2013 to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. Since then she has taught yoga in Jackson Hole WY and Stillwater MN to a variety of populations ranging from professional dancers to professional skiers. She is thrilled to be sharing her knowledge and spark of excitement for yoga in the new community of Hudson, WI.
WARNING: She has been known to make people dance like fools in her yoga classes. Fun is key! It keeps the heart light. Lindsey looks forward to meeting you on the mat soon.