Carey Schreiber

Yoga Instructor
Brief info

It’s my intention that each class will allow students to be more aware of their bodies and more in touch with their souls. My goal for students is to leave happily exhausted with a clear mind. I believe that it is important to always give your best effort and then let your best be enough.
I began practicing yoga in 2003 when a friend told her it was a great workout. While the physical benefits were wonderful, the mental and spiritual benefits were life transforming. My gratitude for the practice inspired me to become a yoga instructor.
I have a passion to help others enhance their overall health. I teach a balanced Vinyasa flow that focused on breath and physical alignment. I offer variations and modifications to help students improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and find emotional, mental, and spiritual clarity.
I came to yoga for the physical practice and through this practice discovered my own individual strength and learned to release and let go. I truly feel that yoga is for everyone and that it will give you the key to unlock whatever hidden potential you may be searching for.