Is all about beginners, those that want to refine their practice or if you’re recovering from a past/present injury.  This class moves at a slower pace allowing more time to develop confidence with setting postures up and finding proper alignment for your body.  Gradually the movements will be woven together with breath to form a gentle flow.


Simply put, the foundation of vinyasa is the connection of breath to intentional movement.  Each posture is intended to start at the simplest form and gradually build offering a wide range of variations to explore.  This class will build off of the SOLO Flow 1 with the addition of more postures and a faster pace.  Expect to work your entire body balanced out by stretching to support lengthening the muscles that will be used.

*This class is offered in a heated (80-95 degrees) and non-heated format.  Heated formats will be stated as (Heated) on the schedule.*


This class uses the benefits of movement to help connect mind, body and breath before moving into a mini restorative practice.  You can expect the movement portion to be very similiar to our SOLO FLOW 2 and the Restorative practice will vary in timing week to week to allow the opportunity to tailor the class to the participants rather than an exact format.  Some yoga experience is recommended but not required to attend.


Strength + Stability is all about building heat and intensity within the body.  In this class, we will work to build strength through specific movements that will target different areas of the body.  The movement will focus on working larger muscle groups in addition to smaller stabilizing muscles that aid in joint stability.  The format of this class is a combination of yoga flow and repetitive tiny movements done in multiple ways to target a specific area of the body.


Unwind from your day in this candlelit gentle flow class that will allow you the chance to unplug and tune back into your body.  The class will start with a gentle flow to warm the body up followed by stretching and holding postures for longer periods of time.  Accompanied by relaxing music, this class will be a way promote active relaxation in your body and min


The name says it all… Explore the connection to movement and music in a whole new way with this fun flow class.   The class format will be a combination of our SOLO Flow 1 and 2 with the addition of variety of music styles and a sprinkle of arm balances or playful ways of approaching postures!  Some yoga experience is beneficial but not required.