At SOLO Yoga + Boxing we want to provide you with a space to move, sweat, chill in a down to earth, no fluff, kind of way.  We believe in a modern, functional, safe and fun approach to movement, that takes into consideration, there’s no one-size-fits-all workout.  Our cardio boxing workouts provide you the opportunity to work up a sweat, punch some of that daily stress out, all while gaining self confidence and empowering your inner badass! Yoga provides a counter balance to the intensity with refinement and ease.  The beauty is, both workouts cultivate a deeper mind/body connection so whether your flowing or hitting the bags, your brain will get a workout along with your body!

WHAT TO EXPECT WITH YOGA |  We aren’t your typical yoga studio.  No sanskrit, fancy Instagram poses or an emphasis on being super flexible. Instead, we strive for a modern approach to yoga that emphasis functional movement, proper technique, and strengthening to aid with joint stability and create a sustainable, injury free practice.  YOGA BENEFITS: Strengthens major muscle groups, as well as joint stabilizing muscles, builds a heightened mind + body connection and enhances body awareness and proprioception.

WHAT TO EXPECT WITH BOXING | Each class will consist of a warm up, where you’ll learn the basic foundation of punches and get your blood pumping with some stretching, light cardio, shadow boxing and movement, then 6-9 three minute rounds on the Aqua Training Bags® followed up with a cool down portion to create a balanced full body workout.  If it’s your first time in a boxing fitness class, no need to feel intimated…all classes are NO CONTACT, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit! CARDIO BOXING BENEFITS: Cardiovascular health/endurance, brain health, hand-eye coordination, muscle strengthening, stress reduction, increased bone density, confidence, self defense and mindfulness.

Provide you with a modern approach to yoga and mindful movement that takes into consideration everyday life and YOU. There is no one size fits all, in class you have the space to start to tap into your highest potential physically, mentally and emotionally in a space where you don’t need to be an expert in order to fit in.
Work hard and learn. We value the strengthening that mindful movement can provide for your entire body and mind. Expect to work up a sweat but not in an intimidating fast pace class where it feels like you can’t keep up. Instead, we strive to TEACH you how to move with more awareness and precision, ultimately getting more out of every movement, transition and workout.
Just be. The chill factor of class takes practice just like every other part. In order to reconnect back to your highest potential, you have to explore both, effort and ease. Through the variety of classes we offer you can find both. Turn it up or turn it down, you choose!





If you have feedback, questions about becoming a member at SOLO Yoga, or are interested in partnering for an event or workshop, please feel free to fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!
520 2nd Street, Hudson, WI